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Preschool are conducted in the group which base on the conductive programme that emphasizes on holistic approach. Holistic approach means that everything in life, the total functioning of an individual, personal development and social organization is seen as interdependent, interconnected, multilevelled, interacting and cohesive. The age range of the children in Pre- School session are 5-8 years old. The aim of the preschool section is to develop the child’s motor skills and enhance early learning skills. In order to attain that, the programme is based on conductive education which encourage the children to be independent and responsible for themselvesThe task series are taught in a group to give opportunity to work together, motivate and encourage the ambition to succeed. In this programme, Rhythmical Intention is used which is a learning method by which the child uses speech or inner speech to express an intention and follow movement which is carried out rhythmical. In Conductive Education Programme, children are encourage to engage in the world around them and actively participate as this is the only way learning will take place.



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